CannabiSendak is planning to build a network of high-profile dispensaries, the first in Tel Aviv. It will be the first licensed dispensary in Israel to feature a café, patient consultation areas, and a doctor on site.

Founded by SHLOMI SENDAK, a prominent Israeli cannabis activist, involved in the industry for 25 years. Considered a “guru” among cannabis patients for his advice and guidance.

Strong cannabis following: database of tens of thousands of social media and patient followers.


Estimated Per Gram Economics

Sale price per g $5.40
Cost per g $2.70
Gross margin per g 52%

All figures in $CAD

Estimated Patient Economics

  Monthly Annual
Grams 35g* 420g
Sale price $189 $2,268
Cost $91 $1,092
Gross margin 52% 52%
*Average Israeli Patient Consumption per month
All figures in $CAD

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