Asia emerging as new frontier for Canadian cannabis players

Author: Pharmadrug |

Aura Health Inc.


Pharmadrug Takeaways:

Yet another data point showing that the brunt of the next phase of growth in the cannabis market will be overseas. While investment in Europe has been discussed more over the last year, Pharmadrug finds it very interesting that many conservative Asian countries are now looking at cannabis.

Once again, it is projected that the global market for medical and recreational cannabis will be $20B and $150B, respectively by 2025. Pharmadrug believes that we are in the very early innings of the global cannabis game, with significant growth in front of us.

Pharmadrug is strategically positioned with our flagship asset in Germany to import and distribute medical cannabis into the entire E.U. With the addition of a vertically-integrated in Israel, we are very excited for our prospects as we watch the global cannabis market continue to blossom.

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