What Makes Pharmadrug Stand Out

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About Pharmadrug

We are an international medical cannabis company focused on the European Union and Israel. While the brunt of cannabis companies currently focus on the Canadian and U.S. markets, we are confident that Europe will be the next foray for investors, starting as early as this year.

As European markets continue to open, E.U. countries will represent the largest consumers of medical marijuana on the planet. As this phenomenon continues to take hold and as we continue to execute our strategy, we are confident the investment community is going to take notice.

Although we went public in August 2018 under the ticker BUZZ on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), we are trying to do things differently than the average small-cap cannabis company. In the first phase of marijuana investing, it was a complete craze - just like dot.com boom. Many investors made five to ten times their money in marijuana stocks, just because “weed,” “marijuana, ” or “cannabis” were added to the company name or strategy.

As the second phase has begun for cannabis investing, the management of Pharmadrug believes things will be very different. Cannabis investors will have to be better marijuana stock selectors, choosing cannabis companies with a strong business plan and top management team.

Irrespective of the changes that may or may not occur, our focus is to deliver better marijuana stock selections to marijuana investors by building an institutional-caliber cannabis business with a strong foundation.  As building a quality business takes time, we are committed to adding only the top cannabis assets in Europe and Israel to generate better long-term returns for our investors. As such, we have been selective in our asset purchases over the first seven months since going public. While the BUZZ stock price may not see the direct short-term benefit, we remain focused on building a strong business down the road and are confident the market will recognize this as we continue to execute our marijuana business strategy.

The Pharmadrug Difference

Our management inspires trust as we come from investment banking and cannabis business backgrounds, so we know what it takes to run a real medical marijuana operation. Most of our management hold CFAs, MBAs, HBAs, and financial and business degrees allowing us to make sound business decisions.

Through our understanding, we aim to build a reliable, vertically-integrated medical marijuana company in Europe with a focus on distribution and extraction. In the past seven months that we have gone public, we have made one acquisition of a medical cannabis company in Israel and are in the process of closing two more - another in Israel and Pharmadrug in Hamburg, Germany.

Pharmadrug holds a world-class asset, one of ten German Class I licenses permitting the company to distribute medicinal cannabis throughout the E.U., wherever medical marijuana is legal. These licenses are limited and mainly held by the big cannabis companies such as Canopy Growth, Aphria, Aurora, Tilray, and others.

This acquisition immediately puts Pharmadrug on the map as a serious player in the European medical marijuana market. In fact, if you are a Canadian LP looking to sell your GMP cannabis to the E.U., (the world’s largest medical cannabis market), there are only a few games in town. Pharmadrug is now one of those games.

Our mission is to build an institutional-caliber cannabis business, one which we believe will be ripe for acquisition if we grow and execute the business as planned. Few, if any, cannabis companies are focused solely on Europe. We may be early, but we are confident we will be right.

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