Leadership in Medical Cannabis & Psychedelics in Europe

PharmaDrug is building a European controlled substances company with a focus on Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics.  

In Medical Cannabis, the company currently sources and wholesales product to pharmacies in Germany with a strategy to launch and develop its own brand of cannabis for distribution in Germany and other legal jurisdictions in the European Union.

In psychedelics, the Company intends to utilize a unique two-pronged approach. The first will be to capitalize on markets in The Netherlands through consolidation of legal adult use psychedelic dispensaries, known as Smart Shops. Secondly, as products get developed and achieve regulatory approval or get legalized in jurisdictions across the Eurozone, the company will seek to utilize the Company’s controlled substance important and distribution license to establish a pharmaceutical psychedelic business.  



A Look at Our Segments

The company owns an 80% stake in Pharmadrug Production GmbH, a Schedule I Narcotics distributor in Germany. Through this business, the company currently imports and distributes medical cannabis to pharmacies in Germany.

The company owns 100% of Super Smart, a business focused on consolidating the fragmented Smart Shop industry in The Netherlands. 

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