Leadership in Medical Cannabis
in Israel & Europe

Our sights are set high at Pharmadrug. There is fundamental shift happening off the continent in Europe and Israel — we are positioned to capitalize and benefit the lives of many. We are in the process of building one of  Europe and Israel's leading medical cannabis companies. From scalable cultivation, to cutting-edge medicinal research, extraction, and processing, to high profile dispensaries, Pharmadrug is set to become a leading and vertically-integrated medical marijuana company in Europe and Israel.

There is a pivotal moment of change happening in both the European and Israeli medical cannabis markets. In Europe, the continent continues to decriminalize and is set to become the largest consumer of medical cannabis on the planet. In Israel, the medical cannabis export law was recently passed, making it the third country across the globe to do so. As Pharmadrug owns one Germany's coveted Class I Narcotics distribution licenses, we are currently selling low-cost and pharma-grade medical cannabis into Germany with expansion into the remainder of Europe.

Our vision of becoming a leading global medical cannabis company is revisited every day at Pharmadrug. We are committed to two major goals: First, to bringing safe and affordable medical marijuana to our end markets. Second, to continuously adding value to our shareholders. Welcome to Pharmadrug.



A Look at Our Segments

We have positioned our medical cannabis business and operations out of Israel and Germany.

Israel is a favourable medical cannabis jurisdiction with export legislation. Our Israeli cannabis segments, HolyCanna and CannabiSendak, will provide Pharmadrug with a mix of cultivation, production facilities, and dispensaries. With perfect grow climate and healthy demand, we are well on our way to building a unique and valuable vertically integrated cannabis business across Israel.

Germany is Europe's standalone leader of medical cannabis. Our German segment, Pharmadrug, will give Pharmadrug a strategic foothold for medical cannabis in Germany and all of Europe. With one of 10 German medical cannabis distribution licenses, Pharmadrug can import and distribute medical cannabis to any legalized Eurozone country.

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